Zelda Triforce Triple Triangle Friendship Set

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“When Power, Wisdom, and Courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down… The power of the gods… The Triforce!”


Combine three triangle shards of Power, Wisdom, and Courage (or your very own custom special engraving) to complete a Triforce! Each single Triforce triangle shard is a necklace that can be worn and shared and look great on their own. Once all three triangles are combined – they create one of the most beautiful and recognizable symbols in gaming history – the Triforce!

Each piece is precisely crafted to snap-in and fit into any other triangle piece, resulting in a seamless and beautiful completed product. Each triangle shard is also mounted on antique chain, giving it a beautiful and rustic look. One of our best creations to date!

2 reviews for Zelda Triforce Triple Triangle Friendship Set

  1. Grizz (verified owner)

    Haven’t even gotten mine yet, and I’m not sure if I will. It’s been 5 business days (the listed wait time) and I don’t even know if my necklaces are on the way, because I never received a confirmation email. It looks cool, at least. Also glad they didn’t fail to charge my account for them.

  2. Janice Kamby

    just got this today, the gold part is actually a very shiny mirrored finish and the engravings came out exactly how i wanted it. it took a week for me to receive it, but its understandable because i live in Canada.

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