All orders are shipped within 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the date you purchased your trinket. In most cases, orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 business days. The more complex and detailed your trinket is (e.g. engravings, custom orders, etc.), the more time it will take to make and ship your order. However, we build and hand-make trinkets everyday and it is not unheard of to receive your trinket before the estimated ship time!

Expected Shipping Prices/Times
Location: Shipping Time Estimated Price
Domestic (within the U.S.) Within 5 business days (typically 2-3 days) $3.50/package (no limit)
Canada/Mexico Within 5-7 business days (typically 1 week) $3.50 (Canada) – $6.00 (depending on weight)
International Within 1-2 weeks (AUS/NZ/UK orders 1 week) $6.00-$13.50 (depending on weight)

14-day Return Policy

If by any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us and we can arrange to either exchange, repair, or refund the order. We have a 14-day return policy since you have received your trinket provided that you can submit the original product back to us with the sales order information.

We cannot return orders based on damaged trinkets caused by:

  1. Excessive pressure
  2. Dropped/mechnical damage
  3. Modifications with tools, chemicals, or adhesives
  4. Excessive heat or cold

Please keep in mind that all trinkets are delicate and handmade using non-volatile materials.

However we are able to exchange the damaged trinket with a new one if you provide a proof of purchase of your order.

A lost half trinket from a friendship set can be purchased if you provide your original order and submit a message to us.


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