Anime Conji 2014

We will be debuting our Trinket Slot booth at Anime Conji 2014 on April 18-20th at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina in San Diego, CA.

anime-conji-2014-exhibithallAnime Conji is an Anime convention that promotes anime, manga, and more. Events at Anime Conji include karaoke, eGaming, table top gaming, the Masquerade, AMV contest, Maid Café, dances, and concerts. Other attractions include the Exhibit Hall, video rooms, industry panels, and special guests including voice actors, artists, and leading members of the anime and manga industry.

Tickets for Anime Conji can be found at Anime Conji’s registration page.

Come visit us at the Trinket Slot booth at #31. You can view all of our trinkets and even have some custom options that are only available at con. There will also be some trinkets that are at-con specials and can be found no where else!

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