Pokemon Masterball Friendship Lovers Necklace

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Catch them all without worries with this Pokeball Masterbal necklace!


The Masterball is the best and rarest of all the Pokeballs and gives you a 100% guaranteed catch! Guarantee a catch IRL with this very rare and unique Masterball Replica Friendship/Lovers necklace specially designed to split in two halves!

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Weight .2 oz

2 reviews for Pokemon Masterball Friendship Lovers Necklace

  1. Seth Thompson (verified owner)

    This is a very well crafted item. It looks beautiful, and very detailed, fitting together nicely with it’s other half. There is a black ring around the necklace not shown in the pictures like the regular pokeball necklace on here, that I personally like, but it is something to be aware of. I would of liked a little better communication with the people to contact on here, but I would definitely order from sellers here again.

  2. Rutger Terpstra

    Hey! I Would really like to say your necklace is awesome! But… There’s one thing; When i bought this product (With my moms name) i was really exited for it to arrive, and today it did. I was really curious how it would of looked in the first place, and it’s amazing! And the very first thing i tried to do, was make it two halfs. Not by breaking it or so, just wanted to see how everything worked. But then, when i couldn’t make it two parts, i looked up “how to unlock the trinket slot’s masterball necklace” But i found nothing, so i looked it up on this website, but here was nothing too, so i tried it with some force. And *Tk* it were two halfs. I was happy at first, but then i tried to “lock” it again but it wouldn’t work in any way. I looked it up again, but no info anywhere. So now im here, typing a review and asking: “is this right?” I’m pretty sad right now and really hope you will react to this.

    Greeting’s from the Netherlands,
    Rutger Terpstra

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