jinx mega death rocket necklace
jinx mega death rocket necklacejinx super mega death rocketJinx Rocket Missile Gun

Jinx Super Mega Death Rocket

$28.00 $24.00


Product Size & Information

Chain Length: 20" Availability: In Stock
Charm Size: 2¼" x 2" Handmade and shipped from the United States.

Please note that this is an artist created handmade item and is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with any brand or company! :)

Custom Engraving on Back

Make your trinket extra special by adding a custom engraved message on the back!

Product Description

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“Bye bye!”

Unleash your own Super Mega Death Rocket with this necklace! Take aim and fire this miniature rocket of mass destruction! It’s an essential for any Jinx player, and to make sure your enemies are always wary that this devious flying rocket can show up at any moment! KABOOM!


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